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General Regulations


(1) Notwithstanding any other provision of this schedule,


  (a) signs shall not be constructed or located such that they may be confused with or detract from a traffic control device, municipal sign or other municipal device;


   (b) signs shall not be constructed or located such that they interfere with the safe or orderly movement of pedestrians or motor vehicles or the sight lines required under this or any other bylaw;


  (c) signs shall not project beyond the boundary of the site upon which it is located;


  (d) a sign must not employ motion picture projections or animations;


  (e) walkway decals, flashing signs and attention getting devices are not permissible within the City;


  (f) a sign displaying a neighbourhood name must be consistent with any City neighbourhood naming policy or bylaw;


  (g) a sign height must not exceed the maximum building height allowed in the applicable district;


  (h) the illumination of a sign must not negatively affect, nor pose a safety hazard to, an adjacent site or area;


  (i) wiring and conduits for electrified signs must be concealed from view;


  (j) signs must be designed and constructed to ensure:


    (i) the durability of the sign (taking into account whether it is a permanent or temporary sign);


    (ii) the compatibility of the sign with adjacent development; and


    (iii) the compatibility of the sign with the architecture of the on-site buildings.


  (k) if a sign fits within 2 or more sign categories then:


    (i) it shall be a permitted use if it is a permitted use under each sign category;


    (ii) it shall be a discretionary use if it is a discretionary use under at least 1 sign category; and


    (iii) it shall comply with all regulations applicable to each category of sign.


  (l) notwithstanding subsection (k), a billboard may not be combined with any other sign category;


  (m) signs in a residential district must:

    (i) not exceed 1.5 sq. m in sign area, unless otherwise authorized under this Bylaw;

    (ii) not exceed 3 m in sign height, unless otherwise authorized under this Bylaw; and

    (iii) be self-supported or wall-mounted signs, unless otherwise authorized under this Bylaw.

  (n) with the exception of motor vehicle signs, all signs displayed on or within trailers, motor vehicles, or other moving vehicles are prohibited in all districts;


  (o) separation or setback distance of a sign shall be measured from the point of the sign closest to another sign, property line, or building;


  (p) a self-supported sign shall maintain a minimum separation distance of 3 m from another sign, regardless of sign type;


  (q) no sign shall be placed on a site prior to the site being issued development permit approval for a building or use;


  (r) notwithstanding subsection


  (q) , a real estate sign, developer marketing sign, development directional sign or developer marketing fence sign may be placed on an undeveloped site not associated with a development permit;


  (s) when a sign has been erected or displayed without the issuance of a required development permit, retroactive processing fees shall be charged as per the current Master Rates Bylaw;


  (t) third party advertising is not permitted;


  (u) at the determination of the Development Officer, in a commercial or industrial land use district, where abutting parcels have the appearance and function of a single site by virtue of having cross-access agreements, shared parking, common internal roadways or access points, a sign that relates to a use on any of the associated parcels may not be considered third party advertising when placed on another parcel, but excludes a billboard;


  (v) signs are encouraged to incorporate the Community Branding Specifications, including corporate colour specifications of the City of St. Albert Visual Identity Guide;


  (w) a comprehensive sign plan:


    (i) may be applied for by an Applicant in any land use district;


    (ii) shall apply to temporary and permanent sign types;


    (iii) shall comply with the overall intent of this schedule and the regulations of the applicable sign type with respect to the type of allowable signs within a land use district, sign height, sign area, separation distance, location and setbacks;


    (iv) may permit, at the discretion of the Development Officer, a variance to the total number of signs allowed per site;


    (v) is binding when approved and no deviations to the comprehensive sign plan shall occur until a revised comprehensive sign plan is approved;


    (vi) is subject to the issuance of a development permit;


    (vii) is a permitted use in all districts;


    (viii) notwithstanding subsection


    (vii) , is a discretionary use when a variance is applied; and


    (ix) shall require that separate development permits for the individual signs contained within an approved comprehensive sign plan are obtained. (2) Unless otherwise stat ed hereunder, all signs must have a development permit in compliance with Part 3 of this Bylaw.

Portable Sign


(a) Subject to the issuance of a development permit, a portable sign is a permitted use in C1, C2, CC, RC, ICC, and CIS Districts.


(b) As a discretionary use subject to the issuance of a Development Permit, a portable sign may be located in UR, P, PS and IF districts.


(c) Portable signs must:


  (i) not exceed 5 sq. m in sign area;


  (ii) not exceed 2.5 m in sign height;


  (iii) be located no less than 1.5 m from any property line; and


  (iv) maintain a separation distance of 30 m from another portable sign.


(d) In C2, RC and CC districts, portable signs are limited to a maximum of 1 sign for sites with frontages up to 30m.


(e) In C2, RC and CC districts, portable signs are limited to a maximum of 2 signs per site for sites with frontages greater than 30 m, but in no case is more than 1 sign per business allowed.


(f) In the ICC district, a portable sign must be separated by a minimum of 400 m from another portable sign.


(g) A development permit for a portable sign is valid for a maximum of 90 days.

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