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5.5.1. Despite any other provision in this Bylaw, a sign shall be considered accessory to an approved use with a Zoning District.


5.5.2. Where a development permit has been issued for a residential, commercial, or industrial development that encompasses more than one parcel, signs may be erected or installed on the land as if the development was located on a single parcel.


5.5.3. Where a rule in this Part provides a maximum height for a sign, the height must be measured from the ground to any point adjacent to:a)a building to the highest portion of the sign when the sign locates on or projects from a building; orb)the sign support structure to the highest portion of the sign when the sign is freestanding.


5.5.4. Unless provided for elsewhere within this Part, signs and their structures shall be located a minimum of:


  a) 1.0 m back from an existing or future curb line;


  b) 0.3 m from the inside edge of any sidewalk;


  c) 3.0 m from any road access; andd)1.0 m from a property line, when located on private property.


5.5.5. Signs shall not be located within an intersection corner visibility triangle.


5.5.6. Signs shall not be placed in or on a required parking space or loading space and shall not be placed so as to reduce the number of required parking stalls or loading spaces, pursuant to this Bylaw or an approved development permit.


5.5.7. Trees and shrubs shall not be removed or damaged to erect a sign, to make a sign more visible, to maintain a sign, or to change copy on a sign.


5.5.8. A permanent sign shall not be constructed within or encroach upon a registered right of way within a parcel of land.



5.14.1. A portable sign shall:


  a) have a maximum height of 3.0 m;


  b) have a maximum sign area of 5.0 m²;


  c) have a maximum width of 3.0 m;


  d) not be illuminated or include audio;


  e) not interfere with or obstruct access to or from a parcel, or any traffic control device; and


5.14.2. The minimum setbacks for a portable sign shall be:


  a) 10.0 m from the lot line that abuts another lot other than a residential lot ;


  b) 15.0 m from the lot line that abuts a residential lot ;


  c) 3.0 m from any access to or from a lot or site;


  d) 10.0 m from an intersection;


  e) 30.0 m from another portable sign; and


  f) 23.0 m from a freestanding sign.


5.14.3. A portable sign shall not be permitted to locate on:


  a) a vacant or undeveloped parcel;


  b) a parcel within a Direct Control Zoning District, unless specifically included as a listed use; or


  c) a parcel that has an approved changeable copy sign.


5.14.4. Despite Section 5.14.3 a), one (1) portable sign per parcel shall be permitted within a C3, C5 or ILT Zoning District. (Bylaw 14-2018 – Mar 27, 2018)


5.14.5. A portable sign may be placed on a site for 365 days from the date of approval of the application. Upon expiry, the Development Authority shall require a new application for the portable sign. There shall be no obligation for the Development Authority to approve a permit on the basis that a previous permit had been issued.


5.14.6. A portable sign located within a road right of way or on any other public property shall be used only for public notice as required by municipal, provincial or federal legislation and shall:


  a) comply with the requirements of Section 5.14.1;

  b) be placed no more than seven (7) days prior to an activity or event;


  c) be allowed to remain in the right-of -way throughout the duration of the event; and


  d) be removed within twenty-four hours following the conclusion of the event or activity.

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