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General Sign Regulations


  (a) A sign shall not be erected, operated, used or maintained if, in the opinion of the Development Authority:


    (i) its position,size, shape, colour, format or illumination obstructs the view of, or may be confused with, an official traffic sign, signal or device or other official sign, or otherwise poses a potential hazard to traffic,


    (ii) it displays lights which may be mistaken for the flashing lights customarily associated with danger or with those used by police, fire, or other emergency vehicles, or


    (iii) it would be situated within a sight line protection area as defined in Section 7.18of this Bylaw.


  (b) A sign shall be integrated with the building on which it is to be located and compatible with the general architectural lines and forms of the nearby buildings or of adjoining developments.


  (c) Where possible, signs shall not cover architectural details such as arches, sills, mouldings, cornices and transom windows.


  (d) A sign or sign structure shall be set back a minimum of 0.5 m (1.6 ft.) from any property line and no part of a sign may encroach onto the adjacent site or a road or lane.


  (e) Except as otherwise specified in this Bylaw, the maximum area of any sign shall be 18.0 m2(193.6 ft.2).


  (f) At the discretion of the Development Authority a maximum of five (5) signs may be allowed on a site, including temporary signs and portable signs.


  (g) Signs will not be allowed on fences in Residential Districts or in Commercial Districts.


(6) Care and Maintenance of Signs


  (a) All signs shall be maintained in good and safe structural condition and shall be periodically repainted.


  (b) Where the Development Authority determines that a sign is abandoned or in an overall state of disrepair,they may, by notice in writing to the owner of the land on which the sign is located and, if it is indicated on the sign, the owner or operator of the sign, order the owner of the land and the owner or operator of the sign to:


    (i)remove the sign and all related structural components within what the Development Authority deems to be a reasonable period of time, or


    (ii)take such measures as they may specify in the notice to alter and/or refurbish and/or repair the sign.


  (c) Failure to remove the sign or to comply with the measures specified in the notice described in Subsection (b)above may result in the issuance of a violation ticket as described in Section 5.1(6)of this Bylaw.


  (d) The notice described in Subsection (b)above shall be considered to be a stop order for the purposes of Subsections (1) to (5), both inclusive, of Section 5.1of this Bylaw.

Portable Signs


(i) Any support structure for a portable sign shall be set back a minimum of 0.5 m (1.6 ft.) from any property line and no part of a portable sign shall encroach onto or overhang an adjacent site, road or lane.


(ii) No more than one (1) portable sign shall be located on a site.


(iii) Notwithstanding Subsection (ii)above, one (1) portable sign may be allowed for each business in a multiple-occupancy development provided that no portable sign is located closer to another than 15.0 m (49.2ft.).


(iv) All portable signs shall be double-faced.


(v) No portable sign shall exceed a height of 2.5 m (8.2 ft.) above grade.


(vi) Portable signs shall not be placed on a site so as to conflict with or take up space for parking, loading, or walkways.


(vii) Notwithstanding any other provision of this Bylaw to the contrary, portable signs shall not be allowed in any Residential District.

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