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General Regulations

1.0 A sign shall not be erected, operated, used or maintained if, in the opinion of the Development Authority:


1.1. its position, size, shape, colour, format or illumination obstructs the view of, or may be confused with a traffic control device or other official sign, or otherwise poses a potential hazard to vehicular or pedestrian traffic,

1.2. it displays lights which may be mistaken for the flashing lights customarily associated with danger or with those used by police, fire, or other emergency vehicles,


1.3. its illumination would cause excessive light pollution or light spillage onto adjacent sites, or


1.4. it would be situated within a sight line protection area defined in Section 3.9.


2.0 The following are specifically prohibited:


2.1. digital signs as defined in this Part and any signs that employ video display, motion picture,or an audible component;


2.2. third-party signs with the exception of billboards;


2.3. devices or signs that move or assume motion, including but not limited to flexible automatons, unless otherwise specifically permitted in this Part;


2.4. signs that use chasing borders or movement of any kind unless otherwise specifically permitted in this Part; and/or


2.5. any sign that has ribbons, pennants, streamers, balloons, flags, spinners, or similar devices attached to it.


3.0 A sign shall be integrated with the development on which it is to be located and compatible with the general architectural lines and forms of the nearby buildings or of adjoining developments.


4.0 Where possible, signs shall not cover architectural details such as arches, sills, mouldings, cornices and transom windows.


5.0 Wiring and conduits for electrified signs must be concealed from view.


6.0 No part of a sign or sign structure may encroach onto or over an adjacent site, road or lane unless a registered agreement between landowners running with the land is obtained.


7.0 Except as otherwise specified in this Bylaw, the maximum area of any sign shall be 18.0 m² (193.8sq. ft.).


8.0 A maximum of five (5) signs may be allowed on a site, including temporary signs and portable signs, but does not include fascia signs, wall signs, on-site directional signs, or signs less than 0.15 m² (1.6 sq. ft.) in area.


9.0 Signs will not be allowed on fences in Residential Districts or in Commercial Districts, with the exception of a regulatory, warning or notice sign provided that it does not exceed 0.15 m² (1.6 sq. ft.) in area, unless the regulatory, warning or notice sign is temporary in nature for a public Bylaw 4/2019


PART SEVEN –SIGN PROVISIONS Office Consolidation announcement, notice, event,or other similar thing, then in such cases the maximum size shall not exceed that provided for in Subsection7.0hereof.


10.0 Election signs are permitted uses in all districts and no development permits are required provided that:


10.1. the signs are posted:i.with respect to municipal and school elections, only between 12:00 noon on nomination day and 24 hours after the closing of polling stations; andii.with respect to provincial and federal elections, only between 12:00 noon on the day when an election writ is handed down and 24 hours after the closing of polling stations;


10.2. the signs may not be placed or erected where they would obstruct or impair vision or traffic;


10.3. the signs do not exceed 5.0 m² (53.8 sq. ft.) in sign area or 2.5 m (8.2 ft.) in sign height;


10.4. the signs are not attached to fences, trees or utility poles; and


10.5. the signs may not be posted on or within any municipally-owned or occupied facility, or on or within any site upon which a municipally-owned facility is situated.


11.0 Notwithstanding the applicability provisions of this Part, any signs, plaques or similar structures erected by the Municipality or an agency in conjunction with a property of historical significance shall have regard for the visual harmony and compatibility of the proposed sign with the architecturalcharacter and finish of the development and with the design, location and appearance of other signs on the development.


12.0 An approved major home occupation may display a sign, not larger than 0.4 m² (4.0sq. ft.) on the dwelling or approved accessory building. If located outside, the sign shall be placed flat against the wall of the dwelling. Alternatively, the sign may be displayed from the inside of a window of the dwelling.


13.0 In any district where a place of worship or a public education facility or another institutional use is allowed, one (1) sign of not more than 5.0 m² (53.8 sq. ft.) in area shall be allowed to be erected on the site occupied by the place of worship, public education facility, or other institutional use.


14.0 Notwithstanding subsection 2.2 above, the Development Authority may allow third-party signage that is within a development on separate parcels of land, if the primary intention of the third party signage is business identification, such as on a Corridor Commercial Freestanding Pylon Sign, but shall not include any other advertising.

Portable Signs

1.0 Subject to Section and the issuance of a development permit, a portable sign is a permitted use in all non-residential districts, subject to the following:


1.1. A development permit issued for a portable sign is valid for a maximum of 90 days;


1.2. Any support structure for a portable sign shall be set back a minimum of 0.5 m (1.6 ft.) from any site line and no part of a portable sign shall encroach onto or overhang an adjacent site, road or lane;

1.3. No more than one (1) portable sign shall be located on a site;


1.4. Notwithstanding Subsection 1.3hereof, one (1) portable sign may be allowed for each business in a multiple-occupancy development provided that no portable sign is located within 30.0 m (98.4 ft.) of another portable sign;


1.5. All portable signs shall be double-faced;


1.6. No portable sign shall exceed a height of 2.5 m (8.2 ft.) above grade;


1.7. Portable signs shall not be located within 3.0 m (9.8 ft.) of a permanent self-supporting sign on the same site;


1.8. Portable signs shall not be placed on a site so as to conflict with or take up space for parking, loading, or walkways unless otherwise approved by the Development Authority;


1.9. Portable signs shall not be allowed on otherwise vacant sites unless advertising the sale of the property on which the portable sign is located, or for a public announcement, notice, event,or other similar thing;


1.10. No portable sign shall be allowed at any location where the intent is to have the portable sign seen from Highway 2 or the direct access or egress fromHighway 2; and


1.11. No portable sign shall be attached, affixed or displayed on any parked vehicle or trailer not normally used in the daily activity of the business and that is visible from a road so as to act as a sign for the advertisement of products or to direct people to a business or activity.


1.12. The Development Authority shall pay particular attention to Section

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