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General Sign Regulations


24.4.1. No person shall erect, develop, enlarge, relocate or alter any Sign, except as otherwise provided for in this Bylaw, without first obtaining a Development Permit.

24.4.2. Signs attached, affixed or displayed on any parked vehicle or trailer not normally used in the daily activity of the business, and visible from a road so as to act as a Sign for the advertisement of products or to direct people to a business or activity, shall not be allowed.


24.4.3. For Signs with a valid Development Permit the owner of the Sign shall be considered the person who applied for the Development Permit.


24.4.4. Except as otherwise specified in this Bylaw, the maximum Copy Area of any Sign shall be 35.0 m²and the maximum Sign Height shall be 9.0 m above ground or Sidewalk Grade, excluding Fascia Signs.


24.4.5. The total Copy Area of any Sign shall be calculated as the average of the total area of all the individual faces of the Sign.


24.4.6. The owner of a Sign shall maintain the Sign in a proper state of repair and shall: it properly painted at all times; ensure that all structural members and guy wires are properly attached to the Sign and Building; and ensure all Sign surfaces are cleaned as needed to remove any accumulation of dust, dirt or bird droppings.


24.4.7. All Sign Structures shall be securely built, constructed and erected to conform to the standards set forth in this Bylaw and the current Alberta Safety Codes, as applicable.


24.4.8. No Sign shall be erected, operated, used or maintained that: due to its position, shape, colour, format or illumination obstructs the view of, or shall be confused with, an official traffic Sign, Signal or device, as determined by the Development Authority in consultation with the City of Leduc Engineering Services; displays lights resembling the flashing lights usually associated with danger or those used by police, fire, ambulance and other emergency vehicles; and uses spot or reflector lights directed at on-coming traffic or displays travelling or flashing messages that create a hazard to traffic on a Public City of Leduc Land Use Bylaw 809-2013 Page 258of 312Roadway from which the Signis visible.


24.4.9. Any permitted Sign shall be placed so as not to obstruct or impair vision, or hinder or interfere with pedestrian or vehicular traffic on Abutting roads or Walkways.


24.4.10. To the Extent Reasonably Feasible the placement of a Sign should not result in the removal or destruction of trees, shrubbery or other Landscaping. If trees, shrubbery or other Landscaping is removed in order to place a Sign, the removed Landscaping should be replaced with similar Landscaping elsewhere on the site, to the satisfaction of the Development Authority.


24.4.11. The quality, aesthetic appearance and finishing of a Sign should have regard for the scale and architectural character of the Building and the Land Use characteristics of surrounding Development. The Development Authority shall refuse any Development Permit applications for a Sign that may adversely impact the amenities or character of the Adjacent Development.


24.4.12. Deleted.


24.4.13. An approved Sign is not an approval for Development on the site.24.4.14.When a Sign cannot be clearly categorized as one of the Sign types defined in this Bylaw, the Development Authority shall determine the Sign type and applicable controls.


24.4.15. Signs shall not contain statements, words or pictures that are undesirable, offensive or contrary to the amenities of the neighborhood.


24.4.16. It is an of fence to have a Sign in an abandoned state. A Sign is considered to be abandoned if the Sign has either intentionally or unintentionally been allowed to fall into a state of disrepair, or any Sign which is not in a readable state

Temporary Portable Signs


24.16.1. The Applicant for a Development Permit for a Temporary Portable Sign shall be City of Leduc the owner of the site on which the Sign is to be located.


24.16.2. Temporary Portable Signs located on the same site shall be a minimum of 61.0m apart.


24.16.3. The maximum period for which a Temporary Portable Sign Development Permit may be issued shall be: 3 years, at the discretion of the Development Authority.Deleted-Replaced –Bylaw No. 1052-2020, adopted September 14, 2020 For periods longer than 3 years a new Development Permit approval must be obtained to the expiration of the Development Permit. The permit holder must reapply at least 30 days prior to expiry of the existing permit.Deleted-Replaced –Bylaw No. 1052-2020, adopted September 14, 2020


24.16.4. The maximum Copy Area of a single Sign Face on a Temporary Portable Sign shall be 5.0 m².


24.16.5. The maximum Height of a Temporary Portable Sign shall be 3.0 m.


24.16.6. A Temporary Portable Sign shall not be a Digital Sign excepting the temporary portable Digital Signs sanctioned by the City.


24.16.7. A Temporary Portable Sign shall not be fastened to the ground on a permanent Foundation.


24.16.8. Temporary Portable Signs shall be allowed within a road right-of-way or on any other public property provided it shall be used only for public notice for special events held in the City and for general public interest such as charity drives, health and safety campaigns, amateur athletic and sports events and Citywide celebrations provided that they are to be displayed for no more than 30 days prior to the event and provided that they are removed from the Site within two days of the completion of the event.


24.16.9. Temporary Portable Signs shall not be located at any location the intent of which is to have the Sign seen from Queen Elizabeth 2 Highway,Highway2A, or a ramp to Queen Elizabeth 2 Highway or Highway2A.


24.16.10. A Temporary Portable Sign shall not be permitted on or projecting over public property and shall not be located within 1.0 m of any property line or curb.

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