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General Regulations


(1) Signs will only be allowed within Districts as indicated in this Schedule.


(2) The Development Authority may refer to Council for its consideration of a resolution on the removal, repair or renovation of any sign which in his opinion is, or has become unsightly, or is in such a state of disrepair as to constitute a hazard. The Development Authority shall issue an order pursuant to the Act where Council has made a resolution.


(3) Minimum yard requirements shall be observed for any sign located on a parcel and, at the discretion of the Development Authority, the sign shall not be further than 30 m (98.4 ft.) from the principal building. No sign shall be of such size or design as to, in the opinion of the Development Authority, obstruct the vision of persons using roads abutting the parcel.


(4) In any District where a place of worship or school or other public institution is allowed, one sign of not more than 2 sq. m (21.5 sq. ft.) in area shall be allowed to be erected on the parcel occupied by the place of worship, school or public institution. Notwithstanding Subsection (3) above, such a sign shall be located no closer than 1.5 m (4.9 ft.) from any property boundary. At the discretion of the Development Authority, a second or third sign may be allowed, provided that all signs are on different roads.


(5) No sign shall be erected which would be in view of the public from public or private property except where a permit specifying allowed locations has been granted, or where a permit for such a sign is not required pursuant to this Bylaw.


(6) Quality, aesthetic character, and finishing of sign construction shall be to the satisfaction of the Development Authority.


(7) Except as otherwise specified in this Bylaw, the maximum area of any sign shall be 35 sq. m (376.75 sq. ft.).


(8) Notwithstanding any other regulations of this Bylaw, where, in the opinion of the Development Authority, a proposed sign in a Commercial or an Industrial District might be objectionable to a resident in an adjacent Residential District, the Development Authority may impose such other regulations as he feels would protect the interests of residents.


(9) Flashing, animated or interiorly illuminated signs shall not be allowed in developments where, in the opinion of the Development Authority, they might 111(a) affect residents in adjacent housing or Residential Districts, or (b) interfere with the interpretation of traffic signs or controls.


(10) Public information signs may be allowed at the discretion of the Development Authority in Commercial or Industrial Districts only, provided that the other regulations of this Schedule apply.


(11) Buildings fronting on more than one road may not combine allowable signs for one frontage with another frontage for the purposes of placing the combined area or types of signs on one frontage.


(12) Notwithstanding any other provision in this Bylaw to the contrary, any identification wall signs with non-illuminated letters up to but not exceeding 7.5 cm (2.9 in.) in height or 0.4 sq. m (4.3 sq. ft.) in area are allowed in addition to regulated signs, but only in the Districts where signs are allowed.

Portable Signs

(1) Portable signs may be allowed, at the discretion of the Development Authority, in all Districts except Residential Districts.

(2) No portable sign shall be located on any lane or road right-of-way.


(3) No more than one (1) portable sign shall be located on a site except that the Development Authority may, at his sole discretion, allow a second portable sign on a site on a temporary basis to announce a special event, sale, or time limited function.


(4) Notwithstanding Subsection (3) above, one (1) portable sign may be allowed for each business in a multiple-occupancy development provided that no portable sign is located closer to another than 15.0 m (49.2 ft.).


(5) The Development Authority may specify the length of time that a permit for a portable sign remains in effect; however, the maximum length of time shall be three (3) months. At the end of the approval period, an application for an extension may be made, but it shall be considered a new development permit application for a new development permit.


(6) Portable signs shall not be placed on a site so as to cause a traffic hazards, or to conflict with or take up space for parking, loading, or walkways.


(7) No person shall locate a temporary sign within 6 m (19.6 ft.) of the curb of a double fronting or corner lot unless otherwise allowed by the Development Authority.


(8) Inflatable portable signs shall be securely grounded and located a minimum of 10 m (32.8 ft.) from utilities, lanes, and road rights-of-way.

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