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General Signs Regulations


1. A sign requiring a sign permit according to Subsection 15.4 of this Bylaw or the County's Sign Control Bylaw No. 10-90 (for signs located on road allowances) shall be considered an Accessory Use in all districts, and no person shall place, replace, erect or use any sign without first obtaining a sign permit.


2. Off-site directional or advertisement signage shall not be allowed on private property, excepting in the case of major agricultural, commercial or industrial developments where, in the opinion of the Development Authority, volumes of vehicular traffic frequenting such developments may warrant such signage.


3. The Development Authority may, by notice in writing,


  a) direct the owner to correct the condition of any sign or remove any sign within thirty (30) days of receipt of the notice where, in the opinion of the Development Authority, that condition or sign constitutes a violation of this Bylaw or any permit hereunder, has become unsightly or is unsafe;


  b) order the owner to stop work on a sign if it is proceeding in contravention of this Bylaw; and/or


  c) order the owner to stop work on a sign if a permit has not been issued.15.2


Sign Permit and Requirements


1. Quality, aesthetic character and finishing of sign construction shall be to the satisfaction of the Development Authority.


2. Flashing, animated or interiorly illuminated signs shall not be permitted in developments where they might, in the opinion of the Development Authority, affect residents in adjacent housing or residential areas; or interfere with the interpretation of traffic signs or controls.


3. Signs shall not be permitted within 0.8 km of a Highway unless prior approval from Alberta Transportation has been obtained.


4. Any directional or advertisement signage located within the right-of-way of a public road shall be in accordance with the County's Sign Control Bylaw No. 10-90.

Sign Permit Approval


1. No person shall place, replace, erect or use any sign without first obtaining a sign permit, except as per Subsection 16.2 or where stated otherwise in this Bylaw.


2. The Development Authority may issue a sign permit if the sign complies with the provisions of this Bylaw and the County's Sign.An application for a sign permit shall include the following:


a) the name and address of


  i) the sign company responsible for the sign;


  ii) the owner of the sign; and


  iii) the registered owner of the land or premises upon which the sign is to be erected.


b) a Site Plan designating the following location details:


  i) location of the proposed signage; and


  ii) the distance to public roadways;


  iii) the distance to aerial power lines from freestanding signs.


c) a plan showing the following construction details:


  i) the overall dimensions of the sign and the total sign area;


  ii) the height of the top and the bottom of sign above the average ground level at the face of the building or sign;


  iii) the method of illumination; and


  iv) such other considerations as the Development Authority may deem to be relevant.


d) Non-refundable application fees in accordance with a schedule as set from time to time by resolution of Council, as required.


4. Whenever the conditions of installation require unusual structural provisions, the Development Authority may require that a structural drawing be prepared by and bear the seal of a professional engineer.


5. The Development Authority shall attach as conditions of development permit approval those conditions necessary to resolve any development concerns or issues identified with respect to those items listed in Subsection 15.3.3.


Development Regulations Sign Owner’s Responsibility


1. Neither the granting of a sign permit, nor the approval of the plans nor any inspections made by the Development Authority shall in any way relieve the owner from full compliance with this Bylaw or other applicable legislation.


2. All signs shall be kept in a safe, clean and tidy condition, and may be required to be renovated or removed if not properly maintained.


3. The owner of a sign shall permit Development Authority representatives to enter the owner’s premises at any reasonable time for the purpose of inspecting the sign or administering or enforcing this Bylaw.


4. Unless otherwise allowed in this Bylaw, no person shall attach anything to an existing permitted sign unless a new permit is issued for such addition.


5. Parkland County reserves the right to impound any sign that is does not comply with this Bylaw. Section 18 of this Bylaw shall be applied to any impounded sign.

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