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Signs Information

1. No signs or advertising structures of a commercial, directional or informative nature shall
be erected on land or affixed to any exterior surface of any building or structure unless an
application for this purpose has been approved and a development permit has been


2. Notwithstanding the generality of Section 6.17.1 above, the following signs may be
erected on land or affixed to the exterior surface of a building or structure without a
development permit provided that no such sign shall be illuminated and further provided
that any necessary permits have been obtained in accordance with the Highway


Development Control Regulations:

  (a) signs for the purpose of identification, direction and warning or relating to a
person, partnership or company carrying on a profession, business or trade, or
relating to an institution of a religious, educational, cultural, recreational or
similar character or to a residential hotel, apartment block, club or similar
institution, not exceeding 1.49 sq. m (16.0 sq. ft.), and shall be limited to one (1)
sign per parcel of land;


  (b) temporary advertisement relating to the sale or letting of land, the sale of goods or
livestock, the carrying out of building or similar work, announcement of any local
event of a religious, educational, cultural, political, or similar character not
exceeding 2.97 sq. m (32 sq. ft.) provide that all such temporary advertisements
shall be removed by the advertiser within fifteen (15) days of the completion of
the event or works to which such advertisement relates;


  (c) advertisement or signs in relation to the function of Local Authorities, Utility
Boards or other public or quasi-public bodies.

3. No signs or advertising structures other than those specified under Section 6.17 2 above
shall be allowed in the Country Residential (CR) District.


4. No sign shall be erected so as to obstruct free and clear vision of vehicular traffic or at
any location where it may interfere with, or be confused with, any authorized traffic sign,
signal or device.


5. All signs must be maintained in a satisfactory manner or notice will be served to perform
necessary repairs or remove the sign(s) within thirty (30) days.

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