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Not withstanding any other regulations of this Bylaw:signs shall not be constructed or located such that they may be confused with or detract from a traffic control device, municipal sign or other municipal device;


1. signs shall not be constructed or located such that they interfere with the safe or orderly movement of pedestrians, cyclists or motor vehicles or the sight lines required under this or any other bylaw;a


2. sign displaying a neighbourhood name shall be consistent with any County neighbourhood naming policy;


3. a sign height shall not exceed the maximum building height allowed in the applicable district;


4. the illumination of a sign shall not negatively affect, nor pose a safety hazard to, an adjacent property or area;


5. wiring and conduits for electrified signs shall be concealed from view;


6. signs shall be designed and constructed to ensure:


  i) the durability of the sign (taking into account whether it is a permanent or temporary sign);

  ii) the compatibility of the sign with adjacent development;

  iii) the compatibility of the sign with the architecture of the building frontage on the property;

7. if a sign fits within two or more sign categories then:

  i) it shall be a permitted use if it is a permitted use under each sign category;

  ii) it shall be a discretionary use if it is a discretionary use under at least one applicable sign category; and

  iii) it shall comply with all regulations applicable to each category of sign;

8. signs on public property in a residential district shall:

  i) not exceed 1.5m² (16.1ft2) in sign area, unless otherwise authorized under this Bylaw;

  ii) not exceed 3m (9.8ft) in sign height, unless otherwise authorized under this Bylaw;

8. and be self-supported or wall-mounted signs, unless otherwise authorized under this Bylaw; and

9. signs displaying third party advertising on trailers and shipping containers are prohibited in all districts. Unless otherwise stated hereunder, all signs shall have a development permit in compliance with this Bylaw.


10. Quality, aesthetic character and finishing of sign construction shall be to the satisfaction of the Development Authority.


11. Signs shall not be permitted within 0.8km (0.5mi) of a highway unless prior approval from Alberta Transportation has been obtained.




1. No person shall place, replace, erect or use any sign without first obtaining a development permit, except as provided in Section 7.6, or where stated otherwise in this Bylaw.


2. The Development Authority may issue a development permit if the sign complies with the provisions of this Bylaw.


3. In addition to the requirement of Section 2.4 of this Bylaw, an application for a development permit to erect a sign shall include the following:


  i) the name and address of:

  ii) the sign company responsible for the sign;

  iii) the owner of the sign; and

  iv) the landowner of the parcel or premises upon which the sign is to be erected;

4. a site plan designating the following location details:

  i) location of the proposed signage;

  ii) the distance to a public road surface; and

  iii) the distance to aerial power lines from free standing signs;

5. a plan showing the following construction details:


  i) the overall dimensions of the sign and the total sign area;

  ii) the height of the top and the bottom of sign above the average ground level at the face of the building or sign;

  iii) the method of illumination; and

  iv) such other information as the Development Authority may require; and

6. whenever the conditions of installation require unusual structural provisions, the Development Authority may require that a structural drawing be prepared by and bear the seal of a practicing professional engineer.

Portable sign


1. A portable sign is a permitted use in the all commercial, all industrial, the AG, INS and POS districts and requires a development permit.


2. Portable signs shall not be located in residential districts.

3. Portable signs shall:


  i) not exceed 5m² (53.8ft2) in sign area;

  ii) not exceed 2.5m (8.2ft) in sign height;

  iii) be located no less than 1.5m (4.9ft) from any parcel line;

  iv) and maintain a separation distance of 30m (98.4ft) from another portable sign.

4. In the INS and AG districts, portable signs are limited to a maximum of one sign per parcel.

5. In industrial and commercial districts, portable signs are limited to a maximum of one sign per 90m (295.3ft) of parcel frontage.

6. A development permit for a portable sign is valid for a maximum of 90 days.

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