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   5.0.1 The purpose of this part is to ensure the visual attractiveness of the Municipality; the opportunity for businesses to advertise their wares and services; and that all persons meet the standards of this Bylaw.

       5.0.1.a. Notwithstanding 5.0.1, the Sign Regulations of the Leduc County Land Use Bylaw No. 7-08, in effect as of January 1, 2017 (refer to Appendix A), shall apply to all Signs in the Rural Service Area as identified on Schedule A.

5.0.2 No person shall erect, or allow to erect, develop, paint, enlarge, relocate or alter any Sign within the Municipality unless a Sign permit has been issued by the Development Officer or the Bylaw exempts the Sign from a permit.

5.0.3 The Municipality may remove any Sign which has been placed in contravention of this part. The costs associated with such removal and any storage charges shall be paid by the Owner prior to the release of the Sign to the Owner as well as any permit fees which may be outstanding.

5.0.4 Traffic control Signs shall be in conformance with the manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Canada, and as to location, shall be approved by the Manager of Planning &Engineering.

5.0.5 The Development Officer may issue a Development Permit for a Sign as part of the Development Permit for the Use or the Building to which the Sign pertains, provided the Development Permit application indicates that there is to be a Sign and provided that all information requirements for a Sign are met.

5.0.6 Quality, aesthetic character and finishing of the Sign shall be completed in a professional manner.

5.0.7 All Signs shall comply with any design guidelines established or approved by the Municipality for the District in which the Sign is located.

5.0.8 No Sign shall be erected so as to obstruct free and clear vision of vehicular traffic, or be located, or display a light intensity or colour where it may interfere or be confused with any authorized traffic Sign, signal or device and in doing so, create a traffic hazard.

5.0.9 No outside Sign shall be flashing or neon, contain any animation, moving copy, or other moving features on the Sign.


5.0.10 No Sign shall be erected which promotes intolerance, hatred or ridicule of any race,religion or other segment of society.


5.0.11 No Sign shall be allowed to feature nudity.5.0.12A Development Permit is not required for Signs that are erected by the Municipality for municipal operations.


5.1.1 A Development Permit application, where required, for a Sign shall include the following information:

    a) written consent from the Owner;

    b) two (2) copies of colour drawings, drawn to scale, showing the Sign, any structural supports and the dimensions, thickness, area, and colours of the Sign;

    c) any animation, moving copy, or other moving features of the Sign, method of illumination, if applicable;d)type of construction and finishing to be utilized;

    e) mounting details, heights and clearances to Building Grade;

    f) the location and size of all other existing and proposed Signs on the Building façadeor Site;

    g) the amount of projection of the Sign from a Building, if any; and

    h) in the case of a Freestanding Sign, Neighborhood Identification Sign and Building Identification Sign a Site Plan showing the Sign location in relationship to lot lines,parking and Buildings and an elevation plan showing the height of the Sign.

A Special Events Signs means a Sign that is erected within the Municipality for use by the Municipality, Community Volunteer Organizations, or for a Registered Charity as defined by the Government of Canada, and shall:


  i) be a maximum of 2.97m2mounted on a frame, stand or similar support which together with the support can be relocated to another location and shall;


  ii) may be illuminated but shall not have any flashing or running lights;

  iii) be permitted to be placed thirty (30) days in advance of the start of the event,and shall be removed within 48 hours after the close of the event;


  iv) be limited to a maximum of eight (8) Signs on a Public Roadway and one at the venue;


  v) be displayed with a minimum separation space of 30.0m between each advertising Special Event Sign;


  vi) at the discretion of the Development Officer, additional signs for directional use only may be permitted during the event, and the minimum separation space may not apply to the directional Special Event Sign;


  vii) not interfere with access to or from the Site and shall not impair the sight lines for vehicular traffic; and


  viii) require a Development Permit, and a site map indicating the proposed location of all advertising and directional signage.


A Temporary Freestanding Sign means a Sign which is not permanently installed or affixed and is directly related to the Use or Development on that Parcel and shall:


  i) be limited to one (1) Sign on an Interior Lot or two (2) Signs on a Corner Lot advertising the construction of a Building or phase of Development which shall be removed when the Development is completed;


  ii) not exceed 9m2; and


  iii) require a Development Permit.

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